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Select the appropriate file format for your chosen plugin/template and click on it to download the file.

Users of some browsers may need to hold the shift key at the same time as they click on the download link. Others may need to right click and select download whilst hovering over the link.


Those with access to darcs and Dokuwiki's darcs plugin can "get" the plugin from the url in the link. Updates and patches, when available, can be pulled from the same repository.

Syntax Plugins

Updated 2008-11-11
Adds syntax for boxes - with or without rounded corners and in different colours. read more
Box plugin for DokuWiki, supports DokuWiki versions: 2006-11-06 & later
zip (7k) | tar.gz (5k) | darcs repository (updated 2008-11-11)
Box plugin for DokuWiki version: 2006-03-xx
zip (5k) | tar.gz (4k) |
Box plugin for DokuWiki version: 2005-09-22 (requires security fix) -
Camel Case
A replacement for Dokuwiki's own camel case handling, precedes each hump with an underscore to make much more readable page file names. read more
zip (1k) | tar.gz (1k) | darcs repository
A replacement for Dokuwiki's own <code> & <file> syntax, adds the ability to include a title line above the code/file box generated. read more
zip (4k) | tar.gz (2k) | darcs repository
Definition list
Add definition lists to Dokuwiki. Supports simple definition lists with no extra markup as well as "fancy"™ definition lists allowing terms and definitions to appear on the same line but each in its own column. read more
zip (4k) | tar.gz (3k) | darcs repository
Google Maps
Updated 2008-11-11, add KML support
Add google maps to your wiki. read more
zip (6k) | tar.gz (3k) | darcs repository
Allow an external webpage to be loaded into a Dokuwiki page. read more
zip (3k) | tar.gz (2k) | darcs repository
This plugin changes the way DokuWiki treats single line breaks in the raw wiki text - it will honour them in the final html output (passing them through as <br />) rather than the standard DokuWiki behaviour of swallowing them and merging the lines into one continuous paragraph. read more
For DokuWiki versions rc2006-09-28 and later (incl. development version) -
zip (5k) | tar.gz (3k) | darcs repository
For DokuWiki version 2006-03-xx -
zip (3k) | tar.gz (2k)
Add complex mathematical formulae and symbols to your wiki. The plugin uses phpmathpublisher to provide a pure php solution, ensuring no other fiddly packages are required. Everything to get this plugin up and running is included in the download. read more
zip (460k) | tar.gz (454k) | rar (424k) | darcs repository
Remove one level of section indenting. Native Dokuwiki doesn't provide a mechanism for exiting a section and its associated indenting - at least not without using a header. This plugin overcomes that obstacle. read more
zip (2k) | tar.gz (1k) | darcs repository
Allows the contents of a source file - with syntax highlighting - to be included in the displayed wiki page, simply by referencing the file location. Please be cautious in your implementation of this plugin, if improperly set up it could be a security vulnerabilty for your web server. read more
zip (8k) | tar.gz (5k) | darcs repository
Tutorial Examples
Contains source code for the two example plugins described in the Syntax Plugins Explained tutorial.
zip (2k) | tar.gz (2k)
Allows movies and sounds in various formats to be embedded in a wiki page. Formats supported, flash, quicktime, midi, mp3, mpeg, realvideo & avi. Note: the user's browser will require a plugin in order to see/hear these files. read more
Original plugin created by Jason Byrne
zip (2k) | tar.gz (2k)

Admin Plugins

Configuration Manager
Allows wiki administrators to alter their wiki's configuration online. This plugin is included in the most recent release of Dokuwiki (2006-03-06 and later). The source links below can be used with earlier versions of Dokuwiki that support admin plugins (2005-09-22). read more
zip (15k) | tar.gz (12k) | darcs repository
Template Selector
This plugin has been superceded by the configuration manager above. It is a simple example of an admin plugin.
Allows administrators to choose the template to be used for their Dokuwiki installation from the list of installed templates. read more
zip (3k) | tar.gz (3k) | darcs repository
User Manager
This plugin is included in the most recent release of Dokuwiki (2006-03-06 and later). Sources removed as it is not compatible with earlier versions of Dokuwiki. Users of the Dokuwiki development version should upgrade to a more recent version of Dokuwiki which will include this plugin. read more

Action Plugins

Login redirector
Redirects DokuWiki's login button to the specified URL. For use with external authentication methods. For use with DokuWiki versions rc20060928 and later. read more
zip (2k) | tar.gz (1k) | darcs repository

Renderer Plugins

An extension for the standard dokuwiki rendering engine which preserves single line-breaks from the original wiki text in the rendered html output. read more
zip (1k) | tar.gz (1k) | darcs repository


Add an extremely flexible sidebar to your dokuwiki installation. read more
For the current DokuWiki stable release, 2009-02-14b
zip (32k) | tar.gz (23k) darcs repository



If you encounter a problem with one of these files, please don't hesitate to email me. You can also visit the appropriate page for the plugin/template at Dokuwiki or my own wiki installation, j:insites, and post your comments, questions, experiences or requests.

small print

All of the plugins and templates shown here are released under GPL2 and are provided without warranty or guarantee.